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I'm super late but that's cool. I played a bit of your game! It's pretty funny! I had a good time. I may go back and finish it.


Thanks for posting this, haha, I like to see people's reactions. I'm working very slowly on adding more variation and fixing up the glitches.

Don't read this if you haven't played the game.

Emily seems like a shitty DM to me, or maybe an inexperienced one.  She says this starter adventure is to help the girls get used to the game, to get used to rolling dice and such, and yet she rolls every dice roll.  She doesn't let either of the girls even touch the dice.  On top of that, there are more than one 'dick DM' moments in the game and her attitude is overall apathetic.

Also, I hope there ends up being a full campaign  after the starter adventure, or at least that the starter adventure ends up being bigger.  I'm not asking for either right now, because I know you're working hard as hell on this and I don't want to rush you, but I'm definitely looking forward to there being more of this in the future.  Good work overall, my dude.


Hi, can you tell me from where you got this character?

or is it your OC?

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Hey- all these sprites were taken from artists that released their work under CC for non-commercial use. They were all credited, but that one specifically was made by Shida, in their Lemmasoft post titled Otome Sprites by Shida (CC-NC-SA).

I found a bug. I decided to sacrifice merchant in the end. But in epiloque it said Analis (MC) sacrificed herself.

great and funny game ♥ 

Was this on a play-through after you'd already sacrificed yourself? I think the problem was a missing variable definition at the beginning... Please let me know.

I had a choice at the end - who to sacrifice? I chosen merchant. But later, in epilogue it was said that Analis (MC) sacrificed herself and statue of her was build.  

Hi. I had the same thing happen and it was my first playthrough. Sacrificed the merchant but it says I was sacrificed. Also said something about an evil sacrifice. I don't know if it was me it was referring to or the merchant. I don't think I was evil.

I had assumed the 'sacrifice' it was talking about was when you were brought into that satan chamber by Gus to be a sacrifice for Kuro.

I sacrificed the mayor in my first playthrough, so I can't help you there.

really awesome LGBT visual novel set in a DND campaign! I think you did a great job  with something as, classic as DND. Good luck in NaNoRenO!

Gotta say I really enjoyed this. The main character is basically just me if I was a weeb instead of just japanese haha. Didn't feel like much more than just a fun distraction but honestly that's all I was looking for. Though that isn't to say I wouldn't love to see more. Especially the breaking the story route. :P

Also fuckkkkk that wizard unf You know how to push my gay lil buttons

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Hey mate, good job on publishing the game. It's been a long time since I've played a renpy game, so playing this felt a bit nostalgic and warmed up my otherwise stone cold heart.

It's not a bad story overall, but I would definitely think of some ways to diversify the endings a bit. Four out of five times I played this game I ended up pretty much in the same place, even when I purposefully chose to omit some sidequests .

Also, I admit that most of the dialogue options (even the ones that are purposefully "random") are pretty tame, and they are far from the surreal stuff that actually happens during some DnD campaigns. I would expect an option to kill the red-skinned daemon at the beginning, consume its flesh raw, fail a constitution test and then spend the next three days in the nearby inn with an infernal case of dysentery, unable to leave the latrine as the pieces of daemon meat wreak havoc in my digestive system. On the second playthrough I would also want to prepare for the battle with the Wizard a bit better, presumably by murdering and plucking the annoying man-chicken, and then dyeing its feathers black with soot from the campfire that I would cook bloody chicken tenders on! Perhaps they would not have the same power as the magical black feathers you find throughout the game, but at least it would give me a chance to intimidate the Wizard and gain some initiative. I could then examine her assets more closely before jumping hands-first into battle.

Ah also maybe include an option for at least one of the side characters to join your party? Why there is no party-forming in a game about DnD is beyond me mate. Personally I'd go with either the merchant, since he definitely needs an opportunity to make up for his wicked sins, or the bird-kid, so that he gets some further development and we can find out how he became the winged abomination that he is now.

I really hope the story will expand and branch out a bit more with subsequent updates. I think now that you have the main route down you can go berserk on it and work this thing into something really interesting. Think of it like this - the Emily's story is complete, so now you have to give the player more agency and ways to potentially break the storyline. Get wild. Get happy. Never stop never stopping. The fortune is yours to seize. Cheers!

Yes. Yes. This is the point. I was struggling so much to just get the full story out of the way, I killed my soul in the journey. Adding 3-4 variations in just one story-line was already a big burden on the story-linking in the time-frame, but I definitely have some plans that involve Kuro and the Wizard. I didn't get to flesh out the reasons behind the wizard, or the relationship between Kuro and...... Yeah I'm spoiling too much... Hehehe. You'll find that there is one defined ending with three variations at this point, but if you play violently, there is a link to another side of the story I never got to fledge out. There is an option to completely ignore Emily's quest-line that I had to hash out half-way because of the estimated time to code. I have so many ideas for this that I have to slowly add to it, and different ways for the player to keep track of their items and past choices so it's easier to play...... But yes, thank you for bringing this up so I had somewhere to air this. If you've failed the fight with the Wizard, and died there, you'll see a link to a different side of the story, but I guess it's a bit hard to expect, since... Rng. I also wanted to put a lot more between Grace and ___, but I'm not sold on creating options that could break up their relationship...... It could be interesting, but the characters are based off of reality, and so I might create an option that could break my relationship, haha....

Thank-you, sincerely, for taking the time to play and even comment on this project.


Sure mate, no probs. If you're sick of this project at the moment you can always take a breather and come back to it later. We all need to crawl out of our basements sometimes, stretch our legs, see the sunlight, get some nourishment, put the dakimakura in the washing mashine and empty the wee bucket. All I'm saying is that you shouldn't abandon this game just yet, because it hasn't reached its full potential.