A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You wake up in hospital.
Your name is easy to remember- why you're here, isn't.
There are 28 days unaccounted for in your memory.
The doctor gives you two words.
Retrograde amnesia.
The longer you are awake, the more questions you have.
Why are the police involved?
What happened on the rooftop.
Why did you fall.
The longer they spoke, the more you understood.
There was a death that night- locked away in the memories you no longer had.

The idea for this game is a high-school, romance mystery based around 'Amnesia'.

Both Jaden and Cameron are romance-able, and both tie into the amnesia in their own way.

I wanted to explore the natural healing process of amnesia, in the way that memories are randomly 'regained' and it can be difficult to discern if they are real or not.

Because of this- the choices in-game will not only affect your relationship with both boys, but also how you perceive what you 'remember'.

This demo is due to the combined efforts of

Red-Baby on sprites and friend-duty,

Shortycake on chibi,

Alteredgingerr on CGs

Akka on a surprise for the players,

and Pacermist on writing, coding and all the small things (not by Blink-182).

(ADDITIONAL NOTE: The music used belongs to Kevin MacLeod.)

Note: It seems there have been some issues with the current downloads. I will inform you when I've tested and re-uploaded.

EDIT: All downloads have been fixed.

If you've already downloaded, you may need to re-download, there was a pretty bad bug I missed which cuts out a day of progress. I apologise immensely.

Install instructions

Available to Windows, Mac and Linux.

To download:

Until all three distribution packs are uploaded, simply download the 'all' zip file, unzip using software such as Winzip, and play by clicking the executable file in the unzipped folder.


Lethe-0.5-all.zip (271 MB)
Lethe-0.5-linux.tar.bz2 (255 MB)
Lethe-0.5-mac.zip (251 MB)
Lethe-0.5-win.zip (253 MB)


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The demo is very interesting. I am interested in playing more :) Is game still in development?

I talk about the demo itself in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/02/demos-to-keep-eye-on-3.html

im excited to know more~ fighting

oooh, the plot got me hooked:)