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I think the Skip Mode need a little improvement, at it seems doesn't work after the first visit to the hospital (or is it intentional?).

The concept of choices as the moment of recalling his memories and with good pace of plot adds the mystery and keeps intrigue the player (at least me) to explore your "organized mess". Keep up the good work :)

Just finished the demo. When will the full game be done?

When will the final version of the game be released?

I really liked the demo of the game and I wanted to ask if you guys plan on releasing it anytime soon ?

so like was this never completed? It was a really good demo I'd love to see it played through.

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The demo is very interesting. I am interested in playing more :) Is game still in development?

I talk about the demo itself in my blog:

im excited to know more~ fighting

oooh, the plot got me hooked:)